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Diane’s methods for evaluation of learning styles and then teaching the person how to best use those styles to their advantage has been very successful. [Her] knowledge in the area of learning exceeds that of most individuals with whom I have worked, and clients I have referred have said many terrific things about Diane and her learning strategies.
— Dr. Mary Ann Block, D.O.

About Diane Dean, M.A., MCC

Founder - The Learner's Edge

I  struggled so much in high school and as a college undergraduate that I was afraid to apply for an advanced degree. After going through counseling, I started to understand how my brain worked. I felt like she'd gone to Oz to get the proverbial "brain," - just like the Scarecrow in the Wizard of Oz!

"That's where my mission began, learning is the most important skill in business and in scholastic achievement, and I wanted to be a resource for people who wanted lifelong learning success." - Diane Dean

I eventually earned that advanced degree (a masters in counseling psychology from Montclair University) - and graduated with top honors. I became a therapist and started working with students of all ages. Whatever the reason--behavioral issues, attitude or running away--learning (or NOT learning!) was at the root of most of my client's problems, and that was affecting their self-esteem, motivation and relationships.

Looking for Answers in Research

Continuing my search for answers, I studied educational kinesiology, the effects of nutrition on learning, brain research, neurolinguistic programming, classical learning theory and other theories about learning styles. I distilled what I'd learned about the brain and learning methodologies into a model called Expanding Learning Styles© that quickly helps students of any age improve and take charge of their own learning.

My research paid off, and counselors, teachers and parents alike wanted to know "What'd you do to Billy? He's studying and learning now!!"  T

The Learner's Edge simply evolved as a business from my private practice. Students didn't want to go to a therapist, so I adopted the role of "coach" for them and took the stigma out of the work they did together.

I have been a coach since the mid 80's when students - and then their parents - began coming to me. I am a Master Certified Coach with the International Coach Federation, based on myyears of experience in coaching, as well as in teaching coaches and therapists my techniques.