Do You Have Learning Agility?


According to Korn Ferry International and other leading consulting firms, learning agilityis a top predictor of success potential in business. The collective definition says an agile learner is one who can adapt to changes in the world, solve complex problems and lead their organizations in being able to adjust quickly. Agile and successful leaders let go of patterns that no longer serve them or their companies. That may be you already. Or not. Do you know how you learn? Do you know how to improve your learning agility?

The Highlands Ability Battery (HAB) helps you know how you learn and coaching assists you in capitalizing on your natural abilities. “Assessments of Natural Abilities require PERFORMANCE of virtual worksamples that test abilities and report the level of the test‐taker’s performance in that ability.” Worksamples measure your abilities very differently than responses you find in pre-determined personality profiles. Please don’t confuse the two as they are very different.

Your reasoning abilities, learning abilities and your personal style, are measured through The Highlands Ability Battery. HAB measures such core human aptitudes as visual speed and accuracy; ability to work with numbers and designs; inductive reasoning; analytical reasoning; idea flow; verbal aptitude; structural visualization; musical aptitude; and several applications of memory. When different abilities are combined, you have indicators of occupational success in many areas.

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