Executive & Career Coaching

Once considered a luxury, coaches are now being hired by individuals at all levels. Anyone--individuals, entrepreneurs, business owners, corporate leaders--who is determined to make a change personally or professionally can work with a coach. Coaching is the best investment you can make in yourself!  What is Coaching?

Coaching is a partnership designed to help you achieve success by your definition of success. We co-create a program based on your goals, and work together to overcome barriers. The coaching partnership supports you over a period of time in your desire for change and movement toward your outcomes.

Diane Dean has been my coach for almost a year now. When I came to her initially, I was feeling directionless and frustrated with where my career was at. I was allowing this attitude to follow me into work, and it was taking its toll on my happiness. Fast forward to today- I am still at the same company, same department. I won a spot on our company club trip, I got promoted, I now manage a team. More importantly, I am happy and fulfilled in what I’m doing. Initially, I was intimidated by the upfront cost of career coaching...but the return has been immense. Diane taught me to trust myself, rely on my strengths, and how to communicate with people to achieve success together. She’s led me to understanding ownership of my career. The time I set aside with Diane allows me the space to be intentional about my career. She offers me perspective I wouldn’t have had on my own.

Thank you, Diane! I value you and your coaching!
— Dara H.

What Do We Work On?

  • Train, develop, and manage staff

  • Manage projects with tight time constraints

  • Identify limiting beliefs

  • Dramatically improve your results

  • Have more FUN in life!

  • Attain work and personal life balance

  • Make decisions and design strategies

  • Strategize on business or personal challenges

  • Increase communication effectiveness

  • Learn how you are perceived

  • Make transitions--life or career

How Does Coaching Work?

A coach is professionally trained to ask questions and help you see yourself more clearly, to give you feedback, to help you leverage your natural abilities and strengths, and to manage your challenges. A key to the coaching partnership is the synergy created. More is accomplished by the team than you would alone. Structure is provided by the coach. As coach, I support you and hold you accountable, so you think bigger, take more action, and hang in there until you reach your desired outcome. 

What's the Coaching Process?

  • Coaching is delivered in regular sessions, usually bi-weekly, by telephone and/or in person.

  • We identify your coaching goals and develop a plan that can include one or more assessments that help you "know thyself" better.

  • If desired, a 360-degree feedback instrument can be used to learn how your co-workers, boss, and direct reports see your behavior, communication style, strengths, and opportunities as a leader.

  • You bring an agenda to each session--what YOU want to accomplish. I help you focus on the priorities and most relevant issues, solve problems, make decisions, create and leverage opportunities, minimize risk, and CELEBRATE success.

  • You leave each session with actions to keep you moving along between sessions.