A Letter to Parents

Dear Parents,

Does your son or daughter struggle with homework? Do they put off doing their homework? Do you feel that they are not performing up to their potential or your expectations?

Do you think, "He's not applying himself." "She has more potential, but she doesn't try." "If she'd just study harder..." Parents who have these thoughts are frustrated. Students who hear these kinds of remarks are often frustrated and angry because they've tried hard and still don't get better results. I was that kind of student. And I wanted to be smart and a good student, but I didn't know how.

After trying hard and harder, students will often adopt the "I-don't-care posture" in an attempt to save face. When a student appears not to be "trying", the question to ask is: "Does he/she know how to learn." I believe students often develop the WILL after they have a WAY to learn.

Most students can make major changes in their ability to learn more effectively in four to six sessions. One example: A Senior at Liberty Christian Academy, Denton, Texas, had struggled for years, never attaining the honor roll and often failing exams and even courses. After working for about 6 sessions during the spring, he passed all his classes and even made the third highest grade in his science class. In the fall he made the A-B honor roll for the first time in his school career!

The Learner's Edge has been helping students learn how to learn since 1988. Our methods go beyond tutoring and is different than counseling. We coach students on how to make the most of their learning abilities, to increase their capability to learn, to enhance study skills. The results include improved self confidence and self-esteem and often, increased motivation in school and often improved grades.

The mission of The Learner's Edge is to be a resource for students of all ages who desire lifelong learning success. We'd like to help you or your learner now. Call to sign up to get your student back on track academically.  


Diane Dean, MA, Master Certified Coach